REALITY TV star and businesswoman Balalwa Mneno has poured cold water on claims of her being a pimp.

She first started off by sending out a tweet swearing at everyone who’s been accusing her.

Then later, she released a long statement addressing the human trafficking claims against her.

Babalwa, who has been in the news many times accused of being a pimp, said: “For the past few years my name has been tarnished constantly. This is an attempt to impugn my character without any adverse findings and I find these allegations patently false.”

She also said social media has damaged her reputation.

“I have never been involved in all of the purported crimes. I maintain my role in society as a woman is to continue to conduct legit businesses. However, the social media bullying has caused reputational damage, violence and emotional distress.”

Her statement said she’d be taking legal action.

“I wish to indicate that an investigation to understand the provenance of the accusations, as well people who continue to vigorously peddle them, is underway. I have been advised by my lawyers legal action will be taken as soon as this issue has crystallised,” she said.


-Daily Sun


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