Cases of kidnapping and human trafficking are increasing in South Africa and the government has to look into this matter and deal with it. Some of the foreign nationals are using their opportunity to stay in SA to commit human rights violations which are worrisome. Unrest has flared yesterday evening in Voortrekker Road, Parow, Cape Town, where a Somalian child was allegedly kidnapped by two Nigerian foreign nationals.

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The vehicle in which the Nigerian kidnappers drove capsized and the Somali child was saved. The Nigerian nationals ran for their lives and pursued sanctuary inside the local Parow police station. According to members of the neighborhood, the vehicle was attacked after which it overturned, the neighborhood removed the child, and the child is now safe.

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The vehicle was peppered with stones and the community members jumped on top of the car. The South African Police Service Anti Gang Unit, soon intervened and dispersed the community. This comes just a few days after another attempted kidnapping was caught on camera in Johannesburg, outside a pizza restaurant. SAPS however denied that it was an attempted kidnapping, and the suspect was only charged with assault of a minor. Parents need to be vigilant the war against human trafficking is now at your doorstep. Please take care and keep an eye on your kids at all times.

Source: Opera


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