In a video not for the faint-hearted reminiscent of Friday’s drowning attributed to a mermaid allegedly taking 15-year-old Kuwadzana boy, a man is recorded drowning in an unidentified water pool in Zimbabwe while others watch helplessly.

The man’s name, from indications of a man calling out in the video seen by Harare Live, is called Allan.

He gradually sinks as everybody watches and the other records.

One man, who is visible from the start of the video hesitantly contemplates jumping into the water but is too reluctant until a woman shouts get him, “Mutoreyi Imi”.

As he jumps into the water,  he swims for a few inches and peddles back fearing he may be dragged too underwater or a ‘mermaid’ considering recent news of the boy who drowned in Blue Dam in Kuwadzana.

Viewer discretion is advised.


A 15-year-old boy, Don Kuwana, who was a form three pupil at St Mary’s Magdalene in Nyanga, went out for a swim with his two friends Friday afternoon and drowned before his body was retrieved by the Police Sub Aqua team Saturday morning in Kuwadzana.


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