POLICE in Hwange have launched a manhunt for a man who struck his stepmother four times with an axe after she rebuked him from assaulting his six-year-old half-sister.

A police memo stated that Lydia Mutoni, aged 42, of Cyndrela in Hwange was rushed to St Patrick’s Hospital where she was immediately admitted after being struck twice on the head and once on the hand and back by her stepson Ethics Nyambose, aged 25.

Seeing that he had injured his stepmother, Nyambose fled from the scene and his whereabouts are not known.

“On 14 September at around 4 pm, the accused person and Lydia Mutoni were arguing after he assaulted the complainant’s daughter, aged eight. The accused is the complainant’s stepson,” read the police statement.

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It is alleged that during the argument, Nyambose picked an axe and struck his stepmother twice on the head and she fell to the ground.

He further hit her with the back of the axe on the left hand and back as she lay motionless on the ground.

The accused’s father, Edward Nyambose who was present, reported the matter to the police.

Mutoni was rushed to St Patrick’s Hospital where she was admitted.

“A manhunt has been launched for the accused person who is still at large and investigations are also underway,” said the police.

— NewZimbabwe


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