“Mentally unstable” Harare West legislator Joanna Mamombe was on Wednesday hauled to court to cancel a warrant of arrest that was issued against her on Tuesday.

Mamombe was brought in from the mental institution where she is reportedly receiving mental health care after prosecutor Micheal Reza’s application to have the court hearing done at the hospital premises hit a brick wall.

Presiding magistrate Bianca Makwande questioned Reza on the procedure he was using because according to the law, a defaulting accused person should be brought to court and not the other way round.

“As the court, I am bound by the law and I have to ask you which law you are using because the accused person defaulted court yesterday (Tuesday) and the matter was remanded to September 29, so what is the reason for going to the hospital, have you looked at the law that regards to hospital remand,” she probed Reza.

Reza admitted that he had jumped the gun then Mamombe was brought to court.

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The legislator’s lawyer Alec Muchadehama in a bid to prove to the court that his client was not in wilful default, he called Mamombe’s friend as well as her psychiatrist to the witness stand.

Mamombe’s friend Portia Makoni narrated how she was with her from September 2-4 and that she had exhibited symptoms of drowsiness, numbness on one side of her body and headaches and how she had been admitted in hospital on the night of September 4.

Magistrate Makwande questioned the relevance of Makoni’s testimony asking whether taking evidence from the doctor who was caring for her wasn’t sufficient.

Muchadehama and Co-counsel Jeremiah Bamu insisted that there was need for her to testify because the State was doubting that Mamombe was indeed admitted at the mental institution.

Reza cross-examined the witness arguing that her testimony was untrue and she was just there to defend her friend.

Evidence was also led from psychiatrist Fungai Mazhandu who told the court that Mamombe was referred to her by another doctor.-H Metro


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