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Newly born baby declared dead resurrected after mom’s strong prayer!!! {Watch}

A miracle occurred after a newborn baby who had been pronounced dead by doctors came back to life and started crying after the mom prayed vehemently.

The video which Harare Live got from social media shows the woman praying hard in tounges until the still baby begins to cry which is a sweet sound to hear for every mother.

God is great!!!

Below is an amazing experience; Watch:

According to Romper.com There’s nothing like hearing that first cry after your baby is born to reassure you that everything is okay. But have you ever wondered why babies cry at birth? Is it because they’re unhappy that they had to leave the warm womb to face the cold cruel world? Turns out, the answer is truly miraculous.

That first cry can be music to a new mommy’s ears. It signifies that the baby’s lungs have begun functioning outside of the womb, which is integral to a baby’s survival. Remember, a baby “breathes” in utero via its mother’s placenta. “When a baby is in utero, amniotic fluid fills the air sacs within the lungs,” Dr. Ana Machado, a paediatrician, explains to Romper. “As the baby is being born and squeezes its way through the vaginal canal, pressure on the chest wall compresses it to literally squeeze the fluid out of the lungs.” Think of a baby’s lungs as being a sponge full of water — once the baby is born, all of that water now has to be replaced by air.

And that’s why a baby’s first cry is so critical. Says Dr. Machado: “It’s the first time that the lungs are actually being used to breathe air.” Although the first breath might be a short one, the exhalation of that breath (which is the baby’s first cry) tends to be longer, “because it’s the pressure forcing the air sacs open and getting that fluid out,” says Dr. Machado.-Harare Live

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