South African media personality, Somizi Mhlongo, shared a series of images of himself and his husband, Mohale Motaung, on social media on Sunday, 30 August 2020. The pair smiled happily for the images, with Mohale’s arm resting around Somizi’s shoulders. Their demeanour caught the attention of fans, who felt that their pair appeared as friends rather than as a couple.

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The post sparked many comments which questioned why they are never seen holding and kissing each other, with some claiming that their lack of public affection was odd for a couple who are supposedly in love. The questions didn’t seem to phase Somizi, who sarcastically responded back to a tweep who stated, “I never see you two kissing each other”, with, “We don’t kiss…lol…I don’t kiss guys.” Tweeps found Somizi’s response hilarious and praised him for responding with a joke, rather than lashing out at the inquisitive fan.

Somizi and Mohale tied the knot in 2019, which was broadcast in a wedding series on Showmax earlier this year. The couple, who had both a traditional ceremony and a lavish white wedding, was also expected to have a third-celebration in Italy in 2020, although due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event had been cancelled.

The newlyweds have appeared on each other’s socials sporadically throughout their time together, keeping the posts casual and romantic. Despite the public’s cause for concern due to their lack of affection, Somizi and Mohale are as happy as can be and are continuing to enjoy their marital bliss.-ZAlebs


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