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Passion Java cooks eggs using Lamborghini engine {Watch how}

King of controversy and show off, Prophet Passion Java shows us his culinary skills using a somewhat odd and unprecedented method for cooking eggs.

In a 4 minute video, the man of cloth shows everybody how his Lamborghini engine’s heat can be used to cook an egg using what he calls 6 and a half raves.

The method, according to iHarare involves some simple steps below;

For one to cook an egg using a Lamborghini engine, Java says they have to first start the car.

Once the engine has heated you break the eggs nicely into a sheet of aluminium foil which you will use as a substitute for the frying pan and add seasoning.

After adding seasoning put the aluminium foil with the eggs on top of the Lamborghini engine.

When you put the eggs on top of the engine close the boot and give what Java calls six hits and a small half. Essentially you will also be revving the Lamborghini.

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Make sure the car is in neutral so that it does not move when you “hit” the engine.

Java warns viewers not to overdo the revving saying that can result in the eggs being burnt.

Once you have given the engine six and a half hits, you can open the boot and serve breakfast.

Unfortunately, Java overdoes the revving resulting in him burning his eggs. He is however pleased with the result and runs off to surprise his pregnant wife Lily.

You can watch the video of Java frying an egg using a Lamborghini engine below:

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