Nathi Dlamini. Credit: Facebook
Nathi Dlamini. Credit: Facebook

HE IS a 32-year-old drag queen who wants to look fabulous – and he doesn’t want to explain his sexuality to anyone!

However, insults have been flying since pictures of Nathi Dlamini wearing weaves down to his knees, costing anything up to R4 000.

He said being g_ay in Mzansi is a struggle, but now things are getting worse as he’s called names in every corner around his own kasi, Daveyton, Ekurhuleni.


Nathi Dlamini


“But I’m slowly learning to live with it,” said Nathi.

“When I started cross-dressing, some people close to me started distancing themselves from me.

“No explanation. They just left me as we’ve never been close before.”

He told Daily Sun that everywhere he went, he must explain himself.

He said when he’s at a shop, buying woman’s clothes, people feel the need to ask him about his sexuality and tell him this isn’t good for him.

Nathi Dlamini says he’s being called a tokoloshe around his kasi for being a drag queen.

“I’ve never questioned anyone about their fashion sense. Why do people think they have the authority to tell me what to do?”

He said he’s loved by kids around Daveyton, but their mothers don’t want him anywhere near their children.

“These are people from my community where I grew up, but suddenly, they think my personality will influence their children.

“Some of these people live with rap_ists and murderers, but they jump to judge g_ay people,” he said.

Nathi said many people needed to educate themselves about the community of g_ays and l_esbians.

He said he kept moving and won’t be broken because of people with little knowledge.

“I just want to be a light to gays who are constantly receiving negative criticism and threats,” said Nathi.

“Before I leave the house, I look at myself in the mirror and I say: ‘I’m the light of my community. I’m the voice of the voiceless and I will not be shaken by broken souls’.”-Daily Sun


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