In a rather shocking event, a chicken thief who was caught red-handed with a stolen cock hidden inside his jacket was allegedly forced to eat all of the raw chicken as punishment for his crime. The man when beaten confessed he was starving at his house and wanted to sustain his family though he chose an ungodly manner- stealing.

An angry crowd forced a chicken thief to eat all the stolen chicken as punishment for stealing. In an effort to cover up his crime, he took the chicken and hid it inside his jacket. In a case of instant justice, the angry crowd forces him to eat all the raw chicken.

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A voice is heard forcing him to eat the raw chicken. He goes on to tell him that since he stole the chicken with the intention of eating it, he might as well now.

In the video, the thief can be seen biting the head of the rooster. According to a close source who witnessed the entire incident, the suspect only managed to eat the chicken head before he started vomiting.


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Whatever the reason was, there is no right excuse to take what does not belong to someone. Victims of theft usually get very furious when they catch their happiness snatcher after a theft has happened. However, if not careful there will find themselves at disadvantaged if they want to take law in their hands. It is always wise to call the police to deal with these scenarios.

Source: Opera


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