The invasion of a drug peddler’s base in Kwekwe Mbizo 17 and his arrest caused violence and commotion reportedly perpetrated by Zanu PF youths yesterday.

Two detectives arrested a Kwekwe drug dealer only known as Selassie and recovered dagga and bronclear at his house which was full of youths taking drugs.

Sources close to revealed that the detectives were getting the dealer to the nearest police station when two Zanu PF youths Brian Shava and Widzo followed and stopped them.

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The youths assaulted the detectives in front of onlookers.

Investigations carried out indicate that the youths at Selassie’s are the ones who contacted their superiors who allegedly defeated the course of justice and took away the accused and exhibits from the vehicle.

The victims did not report the matter for fear of victimization from Zanu PF party.-Byo24


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