– Zodwa Wabantu is trending on social media after a throwback photo of her surfaced

– The picture shows a much slimmer Zodwa Wabantu, with a weave, dancing with a bottle of booze

– Mzansi social media users hardly recognised the exotic dancer and many commended her new riches for making her look as good as she does now

A picture has been trending on social media and it’s apparently of Zodwa Wabantu back in the day, before the fame.

The noticeably thinner and darker-skinned Zodwa can be seen dancing with a bottle of alcohol in hand. If it weren’t for this signature pose of hers, many would not have believed that the picture is really her.

The pic was shared on social media by many Mzansi tweeps including Twitter user Buz_vii who captioned it:

“Before you give up. Just know Zodwa wabantu started from the bottom naye. Trust the process”

Many were quick to point out that Zodwa Wabantu now looks thicker. They believed that her new look was courtesy of a ‘thicker’ bank account.

Twitter user Mphela44181444 said:

“But can we just support her because she is not asking money from the government or working like a slave”
Tom47096338 said:

“Yeah looks like she was a phara then.”
MokoneNgwato said:

“Mandla Mthembu was sold by this dancing.”
Labonga5 said:

“Indeed hard work pays she got so successful no matter how people lable her she just work hard”
kganyasp said:

“B4 aromat”
spheeh86 said:

“I didn’t recognize her for a second”
Zodwa Wabantu’s glow up left Mzansi social media users impressed. Image: @zodwalibram/Instagram



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