Forgiveness set Ms. Dippy free and on a path to prosperity. The actress and singer from Roodepoort, west of Joburg, said she was r_ped, neglected, and rejected as a young girl. Ms. Dippy, whose real name is Dippy Padi, told SunBuzz: “It was a matter of life and death.

“Earlier this year, all my ab_sers came and apologized. But I wasn’t ready to forgive them.” Ms. Dippy and Roque released a single last month titled I’m Sorry Mercy.
She said she wrote the song as a way of accepting the apologies from her tormentors.

“I’ve forgiven myself and those who had wronged me in order to free myself from anger and evil thoughts. I’m now at peace with myself,” she said. Ms Dippy will release another single, The Power, with Cubique next month.

“There’s the power within us. We just need to unlock it in order to heal our scars,” she said. Ms Dippy has also released two solo singles, Fly Away and Thandolwami, since she started her singing career in 2010.“I was part of the 10 singles by other artists,” she said.

Ms Dippy has made her presence felt since she joined the SABC2 soapie, Muvhango, four months ago as Pinky. According to the rising star, Pinky is a girl from ekasi who dropped out of school. She was raised by a single mum.

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“This led Pinky to become a hustler. She disguises as a domestic worker. She’s also not afraid and nothing will ever stop her from getting what she wants in life,” said Ms Dippy. Ms Dippy likes Pinky because she is genuine.

“She’s an open book. What you see, is what you get. I can relate to her character. Both of us are confident, but I’m not loud like her. I’m a reserved person.” Ms Dippy studied screen acting and musical performance at AFDA

Source: DailySun


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