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Prince Kaybee loosing interest in working with Busiswa

The popular 31-year-old South African DJ, music producer, director and television personality Prince Kaybee is always beefing with his fellow celebrities, if he isn’t producing music, he is caught up in Twar. After Kaybee Tweeted himself producing a song at home for the #PrinceKaybeeChallenge,  a fellow Tweep suggested that Busiswa was the only thing missing from the song. But the producer quickly shut it down, with a simple “NAH”

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A Tweep immediately asked Prince Kaybee if he has a good relationship Busiswa and the popular DJ simply said he isn’t sure, he is clearly not interested in working with Busiswa and will never work with her after she sub-Tweeted him last week while he was having a Twar with Naak Musiq.
“Do you have a good relationship with Busiswa nowadays?”


Prince Kaybee went on to clarify why he felt the way he was feeling…

“I’m not sure, I saw her tweets the other day though.”

Anga “NaakMusiq” Makukbalo got caught up in a Twar with Prince Kaybee over the weekend when he was simply sharing his love for BMW. What started off as a harmless Twar ended up with Prince Kaybee dragging Naak Musiq’s career and called him “K*kMusiq”. The exchange got so bad that even DJ Tira had to step in and call him into order, Makoya even suggested that a boxing match would settle this whole issue of petty Twitter fights.

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But Prince Kaybee seemed to be avoiding the fighting part but highlighted how he was disappointed in DJ Tira for Tweeting about him. “LOL Makoya, the one time you tweet about me is about a boxing match with an opponent that doesn’t qualify to even sit with me on a table if we were to look at both careers. Angilwi”

It seems Busiswa saw the whole Twar between Kaybee and Naaq because, in a series of Tweets, she lambasted Prince Kaybee for being an “a_shole”. “Why does the princess INSIST on being an a_shole, damn.”
“Is it THAT nice to trend? Yhu ha.ah.”
Source: Zalebs
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