Zim Hip Hop sensation Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme has responded to claims by Zimbabwean gospel rapper and socialite Mudiwa Hood that he pays his barber ZWL$20 000 per month.

Mudiwa Hood was hitting back at critics who made fun of his hairstyle. Some claimed that the hairstyle was being sponsored by Nugget Shoe Polish, due to the black dye that is applied to Mudiwa’s head. Some even claimed that Mudiwa should belt out the yesteryear hit song “Special Meat” because his hairstyle is reminiscent of the singer Callisto Nyamhute.

Hitting back at the jokesters, Mudiwa advised them to focus on making money instead of wasting their time on social media. He claimed that he pays his barber US$200 per month, approximately ZWL$20 000 per month.

Writing on social media platform Facebook, Mudiwa Hood said,
I pay $25 for my hair & shave in the comfort of my house twice a week. That’s $50 a week, making it $200USD every month.

I pay for the extras he brings, like the “polish” u laugh at, he washes it off tho. My hair looks exactly like the 2nd frame, nothing like painted, or with black polish, all the hair products in my head gets washed off. I have been voted and named best-dressed male and trendsetter in Zim for 5years…so I know how to look presentable

Nwae my issue is…
Yes, things are hard, but my barber makes $20k rtgs on one head per month…What’s your excuse?

Mudiwa followed this with another post in which he said that his barber uses an iPhone 11 and drives a Golf vehicle. He called on critics to stop spending time on social media so that they can make money.

Excuses will always be there but opportunities will not, no one needs 5 O’levels to cut hair.

Most people look down on being a barber, Surprisingly my barber uses (an) iPhone 11 pro and drives a Golf car .

He says he invested in a good phone for good pics because he uses social media for marketing, iwewe ndipo paunotukira vanhu vese nekupopota…nxaaaa unobhohwa shazz.

While we complaining about life in Africa, others are making money. We need (to) wake up and understand need to unite, and network that dissing each other.

His adversary Stunner responded to Mudiwa’s bragging saying indeed he is that rich cousin and everyone should just accept him for who he is.

On a serious note: mukomana hood anovhairirei akadaro? Inga tese tovezwa musoro ka 2 pa week. Please lets just accept him as our rich cousin tiende mberi ne life.


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