A frustrated Mbongeni Sithole shows his ID book and death certificate. .
A frustrated Mbongeni Sithole shows his ID book and death certificate. .

MBONGENI Sithole is alive and well, but Home Affairs records say the 37-year-old from Mhlumayo in Ladysmith died in 2017.

Mbongeni told Daily Sun he found he was no longer counted among the living in 2017, when he went to renew his security guard certificate in Pretoria. “When I got to Pretoria, they took my belongings and then suddenly came back and asked me to go to the Home Affairs offices. At Home Affairs, they told me I was dead. They even showed me my death certificate.”

He said according to their records, he died in Pietermaritzburg from natural causes and the death certificate came out in Richmond. “I got the shock of my life and didn’t understand how this happened. They told me to go to the Home Affairs Offices in Ladysmith and sort this out.”

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He said this caused a lot of problems in his life as he couldn’t get a proper job. “My life is at a standstill. Even when people tell me about job opportunities, I can’t do anything because I’m dead according to the records. And what hurts me the most is Home Affairs said I died in Pietermaritzburg. I’ve never been to that place. This is very confusing and frustrating to me now. I need help urgently since I’ve been trying to sort this out on my own and failed.”

Asked if such things were the norm in his department, he said: “Yes, they do happen but we have to investigate the circumstances.”-Daily Sun


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