A rather twisted arrangement involving an impoverished man who frequently gave away his wife to his brother for s_x in exchange for financial support has intrigued many.

Daniel Masikati and Anthony Kabanda of Chipendeke, Padzura Village under Chief Zimunya, Manicaland married two sisters from the same family and the former’s wife passed on.

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Meanwhile, Anthony Kabanda and his wife were struggling to make ends meet thus he decided to share his wife with his brother in law in exchange for food and other financial support.

Anthony Kabanda sold his wife for food and beer

The arrangement was that Kabanda would give away his wife between 10 am and 4pm whereupon Masikati would pay school fees for Kabanda’s children, supply groceries, clothing as well as buying alcohol.

Trouble began when Kabanda started demanding a cow from Masikati whose prowess in bed is admired by the former’s wife.

Daniel Masikati bought Kabanda's wife for a price now she is fond of him more than her husband
Daniel Masikati bought Kabanda’s wife for a price now she is fond of him more than her husband

This has led to accusations likely to escalate in death as Kabanda claims Masikati bewitched him to be blinded and take his wife. He, on the other hand, has decided to employ his own charms as revenge.

Below is the full drama: Watch



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