Government is mulling to increase ZESA electricity tariffs for commercial viability of the state entity as the current rates are not sustainable.

Harare Live has learnt from arguments forwarded by Secretary for Information and Publicity Nick Mangwana that monthly cost of electricity is way below that of alternative sources of energy.

Writing Mr Mangwana said;

Average Energy Cost for cooking 2 meals a day for a month is; Electricity – ZW$ 83.90 Paraffin – ZW$2728.50 Firewood – ZW$2400 LP Gas – ZW$780? There is a case for reviewing electricity tariff so it can be market sensible and attract more investment into the sector.

Some commentators disputed these claims citing they spend more money on electricity than he says;

“This is not factual, am subscribing almost 4000 rtgs on Zesa alone to get through a month!”

Nick Mangwana however, was adamant on his position arguing that such is dependent upon one’s energy-saving practices. Mangwana said,

“You may need to look at how you use energy because I use less than ZW$400 a month. I have to make it clear I use gas for cooking. But having lived a bit in the Global North, I learnt a great deal about how not to be energy wasteful.”

The increase is despite meagre salaries still being earned by ost civil servants as such, the increase should be proportional;

Considering salaries etc I think Gvt wnt grant them their 10cents demand considering most energy is coming from Kariba…… highest Gvt can give them is 5cents and again this has probable impact on inflation movement upwards

Hard-pressed Zimbabweans are likely to see an increase in a number of products if such a move is undertaken considering most business would transfer the cost burden on consumers.

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