A married man, who was living with his wife in Navi Mumbai, went missing since July after a brief phone call in which he informed her that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

According to police, the 28-year-old called up his wife on July 24 and said that he had tested Covid-19 positive and he was going to die. Before the puzzled wife could ask any more questions, he disconnected the call.

The next day, the man’s brother-in-law spotted his bike parked in a street in Vashi area with all his belongings including his wallet, bike keys and office satchel placed on the bike. The man’s kin then filed a missing FIR at the nearby police station.

Subsequently, the police started investigating the matter and tried tracing his location. The police searched different COVID care centres, testing facilities across the city and even at the Vashi Creek, anticipating the worst that the man was murdered.

Senior Police Inspector, Sanjeev Dhumal, as quoted by Times of India said that the police even tried to trace his mobile phone but all the efforts goes in vain as it had been turned off and cannot be traced.

As the probe intensified, the police got to know about his extra-marital affair. After a month-long search, the cops got to know that he was in Indore living with his girlfriend with fake identity at a rented accommodation.

When a team was sent by Vashi SHO Sanjiv Dhumal to Indore, the missing man was finally found with his girlfriend. He was brought back to Mumbai on September 15.-India Times


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