Johannesburg – Four “dangerous” awaiting trial prisoners are on the run after escaping from custody in the North West on Saturday.

Tebogo Monnamogolo, 31, had been arrested for residential burglary; Piet Sechele, 26, is in for murder; Tebogo Moloko, 28, was in custody for business robbery; while Ranthati Mothobi ,50, was in custody for alleged rape.

Spokesperson for the North West police Captain Aafje Botma said it was discovered during routine cell inspection at the station in the early hours of Saturday that the four detainees had escaped.

Tebogo Moloko, 28, was in custody for business robbery and is alleged to have escaped from custody.

At the time, she said, it was only the four of them in the cells and no other detainees.

“We are not going to reveal how they escaped as we are busy with internal investigations determining the circumstances surrounding the escape.

“They had been in the cells for a while as they are awaiting trial prisoners,” she said.

Piet Sechele, 26, was arrested for murder and is allegedly on the run after escaping from custody.

Botma also said they were appealing to members of the community to assist with information regarding the men’s whereabouts or any information that could lead to their re-arrest.

“Members of the community are urged not to try and apprehend or confront the escapees as they may be dangerous. Thus, anyone with information is requested to call the nearest police station or contact Captain Ananias Moleki on 082 416 0780,” Botma said.



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