Generations the Legacy actress Zoe Mthiyane who plays Zitha Langa on the soapie has divorced her husband Rapulana Seiphemo who played Tau Mogale on the same Generations The Legacy SABC 1 soapie.

Zitha and Tau have been married in real life after a series of disappointments in her life, however, she found herself in a familiar space after finding out that Tau Mogale was cheating with a fellow actress from Generations.

Generations actress Zitha Langa divorces Tau Mogale in real life
Generations actress Zitha Langa divorces Tau Mogale in real life


A source close to Zoe Mthiyane (Zitha) revealed that her break up with Rapulana Seiphemo (Tau) has affected her and she resorted to drinking hence coming to work tipsy.

“When Zoe found out that he was cheating with one of their colleagues on Generations, she was very hurt. Although their relationship’s always been toxic, this broke her – she lost herself,”

“She’s been through a lot. No woman deserves the pain she’s going through,”

“We are worried that her character will be given a boot on the soapie,” said the source

Zitha Langa from Generations confirmed her separation with Tau, she insisted that it’s over and she is content.

“It’s over between the two of us. I’m content, as a single mother of two, I’ve been working for at least 12 hours a day from Monday to Sunday and it’s finally caught up with me. Unfortunately, during the lockdown, I was unable to use any coping mechanisms such as doing outdoor activities like jogging,” she explained.

Zitha was once married to television personality and sports broadcaster Robert Marawa, the two have a 9-year-old son together before they divorced. She was then engaged to internationally renowned composer and producer of The Lion King Lebogang “Lebo M” Morake but ended the relationship in 2016, Zitha and Lebo Morake have a five-year-old daughter together.

Zoe Mathiyane and Rapulana Seiphemo during good times
Zoe Mthiyane and Rapulana Seiphemo during good times

Onset set, Zitha, and Tau managed to maintain their professional composure until Tau recently left Generations The Legacy to join The Queen cast, a move alleged to avoid a working relationship with his divorced partner Zitha Langa.-Savannah


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