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Hairstyle k_lls a baby girl: A woman learns a lesson hard way

Mothers are fond of styling their baby girls’ hair. Others actually compete on whose baby is plaited the best not realizing that the juveniles are still growing. A baby girl has passed away due to plaited hair and the doctor after conducting some examination discovered that her veins were over pulled.

It’s alleged that the young girl complained of a massive headache but the mother decided to ignore her. She only gave her some pain relief tablets.

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Parents should be very careful about fashion they choose for their kids since this might cause the young ones to lose their lives in the name of hairdressing fashion.

She shouldn’t have ignored the child since plaited is very dangerous for kids and they are very sensitive, unfortunately, a lesson was learned in a very hard way.

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Fashion is good and we are trying, by all means, to beautify ourselves and kids before we go out but it should never be at the expense of life. A lot of women were angry with the mother and said she should face the full wrath of the law, this is just pure negligence.

Source: Opera