THIS story sounds like something out of the movie “Fatal Attraction” – a man’s quest to find love from the church nearly ended with him being thrown in jail.

For Christopher Jackson (34) from Bulawayo’s Barham Green suburb, things went wrong, very wrong when he took a liking to a woman Recine MacCurry (31) and decided to join her church- Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Instead of attracting her with his confidence, Jackson hoped to be liked for being a Christian guy but he was disappointed when MacCurry told him she was even not interested in him despite having joined her church for about two years.

Hoping that MacCurry would change her mind, Jackson started putting her pictures on his WhatsApp status and sending her a bouquet of flowers and love cards.

On realising that he had failed to win her heart, Jackson in a fit of pique started stalking and bombarding MacCurry with tens of thousands of disturbing and offensive text messages for over a year despite her saying she no longer wanted to talk to him.

Before she sued him, McCurry reported him to the police and Jackson was arrested for contravening Section 88 (a) of the Post and Telecommunications Act Chapter 12:05. He pleaded guilty when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Marygold Ndlovu and was fined $1 000( or 10 days in prison).

Asked why he committed the offence Jackson said MacCurry pushed him to the edge when she rejected him after joining her church for two years hoping that she was going to accept his proposal.

“I attended Jehovah’s Witnesses with the complainant for about two years and I had an interest in her. That is why I joined Jehovah’s Witnesses but she rejected me and I ended up insulting her. I also got emotional after I heard stories that she went to bars with other people,” said Jackson.

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MacCurry, in a bid to stop Jackson’s “disturbing obsession”, again approached the Bulawayo Civil Court and sought a restraining order against him.

In her papers she stated that besides repeatedly texting her, Jackson was also assassinating her character by lying to her church mates that she was sleeping with various men.-B Metro


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