Last month the RBZ’s Monetary Policy Statement revealed that the date for ZimSwitch becoming the National Switch was the 30th of September. That date was an extension of the previous date set which was the 15th of August. EcoCash is now integrated with the national switch (Zimswitch) as was mandated by the Reserve Bank earlier this year.

EcoCash has announced a rewards program that incentivizes people to transact via the mobile money platform.

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EcoCash Rewards works as follows. For every ZW$200 you spend you’ll get 1 point and these are points you can later on redeem. The following transactions will qualify for the Rewards promotion:

  • Send money;
  • Merchant payments;
  • Bill payments;
  • Buy airtime and bundles;
  • Receive money via EcoCash Remit/Cassava Remit;
  • Use banking services.

The points you have can then be redeemed by dialling *151*300# and these points will make you eligible to win some prizes. People will only be allowed to redeem their points at the end of the month. This was done in order to give EcoCash an opportunity to add more partners who will add more prizes to redeem.

Below is the guide on EcoCash to send money from EcoCash to OneMoney and other accounts directly:

If you dial *151# under “Send Money” (Option 1) you will see an option that says “Send to Account” (Option 5) and that option reveals all the different accounts that you can now send money to:

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After selecting the bank account or mobile money wallet you want to send to:

  • Enter the account number
  • Enter the amount
  • The reference for the transfer
  • Confirm transaction

On the EcoCash App

On the EcoCash mobile app there is an option at the top right corner that says “Send to Account”:

You can then scroll through all the accounts and mobile money wallets and select the one you want.

Source: TechZim




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