Alicia Mohlaloga was killed in a hail of bullets on Friday.
Alicia Mohlaloga was killed in a hail of bullets on Friday.

HE ACCUSED a fellow tenant of witchcraft when his roof started to leak.

The angry cop then grabbed his work pistol and went on a shooting spree.

He fired about 14 bullets through his neighbour’s door, killing the neighbour’s daughter Alicia Mohlaloga (16).


“I didn’t see any witchcraft when I got to his room.

“I just saw a leaking roof because it rained heavily,” he told Daily Sun.

Another neighbour said they were shocked by the incident.

She said the woman accused of witchcraft had lived in the area for four years and they never had any problems.

“It’s a shame an innocent kid lost her life at the hands of someone who was supposed to protect her,” she told the People’s Paper.

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokeswoman Ndikela Cola said the cop was arrested and charged with murder and defeating the ends of justice.


“The police were summoned to the crime scene and the officer was taken by Ipid to the place where he allegedly hid the firearm,” she said.

The suspect is expected to appear in the Seshego Magistrates Court today.-Daily Sun


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