Riky once wrote a thread about how he's over the AKA/Cassper beef. Image: Instagram/AKA/Riky Rick/Cassper Nyovest
Riky once wrote a thread about how he's over the AKA/Cassper beef. Image: Instagram/AKA/Riky Rick/Cassper Nyovest

First of all … did any of you get a notification about Riky Rick moving up to AKA’s “very limited” friends list? No? Okay, then tweeps weren’t the only ones left shook by the revelation as they watched AKA sing Riky’s praises among many other things this past weekend.

AKA spent his whole weekend on Twitter and y’all know what that means, right?

Clapbacks, sub-tweets and tons of content! He spoke about everything from soccer, to his upcoming album, to Kairo having more followers than most SA celebs and almost everything in between.

However, it was the praises for Riky Rick and under-the-belt jabs at Cassper Nyovest that caught the most fire on the TL.

Riky dropped two new tracks on Friday that received general praise from music lovers. AKA was among those who were left in awe of Riky’s “hit making abilities” and he took to his TL to say as much.

“How do you come up with all these crazy catchphrases/hooks bro? @rikyrickworld … hectic. I thought you loved me. Smh,” he said.

As he engaged with his followers, AKA explained that he was impressed by Riky’s ability to stay relevant in the music industry by dropping one great summer banger each year.

Tweeps, who know all too well that Riky used to be Cassper’s bestie, attacked AKA for suddenly showing Riky love and accused him of befriending “an enemy of his enemy”.

However AKA defended Riky’s honour, saying the guy was not about the SA beefs or negativity.

“Nah. It ain’t even like that. Riky isn’t about that negative shit. I don’t roll like that. Example. Tido is tight with Tsibi (read Cassper) … but he’s tight with me too, and I never press him about it.”

Other tweeps weren’t just shocked by the friendship between AKA and Riky, they were convinced that AKA and Cassper are secretly friends … Yes, even though both Cass and AKA have explicitly expressed their heavy dislike (read “hate”) for one another.

One tweep jokingly said AKA and Cass actually had a nice bromance going on and said they are always giving each other publicity and nicknames among other things.

That’s when AKA saw a chance — and took it — to claim that it was his creativity that actually gifted Cassper with a name for his fans. He said he came up with Tsibipians.

He also went on to explain what a “Tsibip” means to him … and that he’s apparently never listened to any of Cassper’s album! Not even the diss track Dust To Dust that Cassper created in his honour … *insert doubtful emoji here*

Read the tweets below.



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