File photo: R_pe victim

A 20-YEAR-OLD Hwange man allegedly dragged a woman from her minor children and r_ped her repeatedly overnight after viciously attacking her husband.

Erasmus Tshuma of C51 Lwendulu and employed at Zimberly Investments, allegedly went to to the couple’s homestead in a village on the outskirts of Hwange town around 11pm and threw stones at a bedroom hut.

The complainant, her husband and three minor children who all cannot be named, were asleep when Tshuma invaded their home.

The complainant’s husband emerged from the hut intending to check where the stones were coming from and Tshuma assaulted him.

Seeing that her husband was being attacked, the complainant took the minor children and fled towards a neighbour’s homestead across a nearby stream intending to seek help but the accused gave chase.

He caught up with her at the stream and dragged her into the bush leaving the kids alone after forcing them to sit on a rock.

In the cover of darkness, Tshuma allegedly forcibly inserted his manhood into the complainant’s mouth twice before r_ping her two times.

He allegedly further dragged her to another nearby homestead where he asked for c_ndoms and was given before r_ping her again.

Tshuma was not asked to plead to assault, r_pe and aggravated indecent assault when he appeared for initial remand before Hwange magistrate Ms Barbara Phiri who remanded him in custody to next week Thursday.

Prosecuting Mr John Mutyakaviri said Tshuma was arrested last week Thursday after investigations.

“On the 6th day of June around 11pm the accused went to the complaint’s homestead and started throwing stones at the complainant’s thatched bedroom while she was asleep with her husband and their three children.

“The complainant’s husband came out of the hut and approached Tshuma in a bid to stop him from pelting them and the complainant started assaulting him. Seeing that her husband was being assaulted the complainant who was half naked took the three children and fled towards a neighbour’s homestead,” said Mr Mutyakaviri.

He said Tshuma stopped assaulting the complainant’s husband and chased after her and the children.

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After catching up with her, Tshuma subjected the woman to a torturous night as he dragged her before s_xually abusing her.

It was not stated how Tshuma stopped his heinous act.

The circumstances sorounding his arrest were not revealed.-Chronicle


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