A 33-YEAR-OLD Mabelreign man who went missing last week on Monday under unclear circumstances was found dead.

Michael Devere, 33, was found dead in Rusape where he had reportedly gone to conduct a business transaction initiated on an online platform. Solomon Devere, a family member, told H Metro that the deceased had travelled to Rusape on Monday last week to carry out a trade deal.

“We found him on Tuesday, the day after aenda kunoita ma dhiri ake kwa Rusape. “He was found dead by someone who lives close by and we are awaiting post mortem and Covid-39 results.

“After this, we then make proper funeral arrangements,” explained Solomon. The deceased’s mother, Theresa Devere, told this publication that she was devastated by the death of his son.

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“Michael was found dead in Rusape and we are wondering how he ended up in Rusape.

“Before he went missing, he told me that he was just taking a walk to the shops and from then he did not come back. “I loved him, he was a quiet boy and he did not

even take alcohol. I don’t know what to say; he is gone,” she sobbed. The mother refuted claims that her son’s body had been cut into pieces.

“It is not true that my son’s body was cut into pieces, that is not the case. “He was found dead, facing down and blood oozed from the mouth and nose,” she added.

Images of Michael Devere were posted on social media platforms after he went missing with a message which read: “He left home on Monday morning going to the shopping centre wearing blue jeans, striped t-shirt and brown shoes.

From then on, he wasn’t reachable. He is dark in complexion and he has a scratch mark on his face. “If anyone has information about this person or know of an accident involving a male person, please get in touch on the numbers available.

Please help our family in this difficult time by circulating this message.” The last post on his Facebook page was on September this year to a group named Paranormal and the Unknown.

The group’s description reads: “This group is about paranormal, creepy facts and everything about ghosts and much more.”-H metro


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