A 28-YEAR-OLD man from Mpopoma suburb was st_bbed to death in a bloody clash between rival gangs at a house party held in violation of lockdown regulations.

Bhekumuzi Nkomo was fatally st_bbed between Saturday (10 PM) and Sunday (1 AM) as his family and police gave contradicting statements on the time when the crime could have been committed.

It is unclear why Nkomo was killed but the fight involved two rival gangs that were attending a birthday party in the same suburb on Saturday.

A blood-stained knife suspected to have been used to attack him was found 10 metres from his body.

His killer is yet to be arrested.

Nkomo’s younger brother Mr Mzimkhulu Nkomo told the Chronicle on Monday that the fight started at about 10 PM while they were at a party.

He said he does not know how the fight started but he joined in as he observed that a rival gang was assaulting his brother.-Chronicle


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