The Bible says in Proverbs 6:34 “because jealousy incites a strong man’s rage, and he will show no mercy when it’s time for revenge.” International Standard Version 

This is true of a certain man who was caught cheating with a married woman and got a severe beating.

The incident, whose location and names of characters involved Harare Live could not ascertain at the time of publishing, shows an ‘angry’ husband with help from another man take turns to beat defenceless adulterer with sticks, booted feet and hot claps.

Meanwhile, the person recording the video, aware of the criminal repercussions of violence constantly begs for the assailants to desist from kicking his lungs or use bare hands lest they commit a homicide.

The man is forced to apologise and say, “Mukadzi wemunhu haanyengwe”, meaning never sleep with a married woman.

You can watch the video Here

In another incident, a Hwedza man was killed after he was caught between the sheets in Pindura Village under Chief Svosve last week.

Nicholas Chigwededza (36) was reportedly bedding Rudo Chikururwe (18) several days before they were caught at it by the husband Calvin Chipangura in a hut.

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