Home Celebrities Passion Java mocks Enzo Ishal, buys Uncle Epatan brand new Mercedes Benz

Passion Java mocks Enzo Ishal, buys Uncle Epatan brand new Mercedes Benz

Controversial, outspoken and pompous man of cloth Prophet passion Java has subtly taken aim at Enzo Ishal for breaching his contract and pursue ghost of a deal with none other than embattled ‘fraudster’ TeeMak, a self-proclaimed millionaire who has since gone broke after his Ponzi Scheme Collapsed.

Passion Java and Enzo Ishal were working together with the former acting as his sponsor-manager but the deal fell out after TeeMak made huge million dollar promises to the Kanjiva hitmaker.

Taking to social media, Passion Java promised to buy a luxury car for Uncle Epatan, a Zimdancehall artist and he took delivery of a brand new Mercedes E350, Harare Live has learnt.

Video below shows Uncle Epatan praising Twabam for the breath taking gift;

“@uncle_eptan mira uone zimota randikuda kukutengera mangwana before Buggatti yangu.” Passion posted.

To which a fan responded;

“Haa tengerao EnzoIshall… Vakamhanya makarimwa (Buy Enzo Ishal one… He dumped you prematurely”.

Passion Java, as loose-tongued as he is, was quick to point out to the Asia tour Enzo was supposed to make with TeeMak before all went haywire after coronavirus struck, beginning in China in March.

Social media users, however, believe Enzo Ishal was right dumping Passion Java to’protect his brand’ meanwhile others believe he should have stayed on to make a life for himself.

Kuchocha Ashleigh:Enzo made a wise decision then which was to move away from Passion, unfortunately akawira hake mumaoko asiriwo but he needed that break . Mota ndaasatya achashanda akatenga yake . Ana Killer T vari kungotenga wani pasina munhu waMwari Java
Tatenda Tats: Enzo made a good move to protect his brand. Ko mota yapiwa Epatan ndeyake here or ndeyekusanoshandisa because takambozviona zvichiitika mu industry vamwe vapihwa mahummer
Terry Sibanda Javie: Seh Calaz was right paakati mpfana dai ambomira zvekutengwa tengwa kunge munhu webhora vanhu mkagaya kut kurwadziwa manje honai kkkkk kubva kuReal Madrid uchinotengwa neTsholotsho FC

Passion Java has a passion for Zimdancehall, expensive sports cars, money, guns and controversy.

Recently he erected a huge Billboard in Ginimbi’s hometown Domboshava just to spite his rival as they go head to head buying expensive cars.

Ginimbi recently took delivery of a Lamboghini adding to his already huge fleet of cars, nevertheless, Passion Java insists these cars are bought through fraudulent credit car scam.

Java ahs been recently working with Jah Master, who is enjoying great attention from his hit song, “Hello Mwari” which Java facilitated a collabo with Tanzanian songstress Haitham Kim.


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