Crime rate has grown exponentially these days with reports of r_pe and murder topping the list.

A 13-year-old child shockingly r_ped another minor (8) in Chitungwiza on 29 October during playtime.

According to police, the child dragged the minor into her spare bedroom and r_ped her once.

The report reads;

Parents are encouraged to always monitor their children when playing. On 29/09/20, a minor (8) was raped by another child (13) in Chitungwiza. The victim had visited the suspect’s house to play before she was dragged into his spare bedroom and r_ped once.

In another case, a 16-year-old boy r_ped a 15-year-old juvenile in Zengeza.

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It is reported the two reside at the same house but are not related.

“A Juvenile (16) was raped another Juvenile (15) in Zengeza on 4/10/20. The suspect who resides at the same house with the victim but not related to her sneaked into her blankets and r_ped her once.”

According to Zimbabwean laws as interpreted by Unicef,

The general principle is that no child under the age of 7 years is capable of committing crimes. Between 7-14 years there is a rebuttable presumption that a child is incapable of committing a crime. Boys under the age of 14 years are deemed incapable of having s_xual intercourse and therefore incapable of r_pe, but may, however, be found guilty of indecent assault. The protection of the identity of juveniles on trial is provided for by section 186 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act which provides for the trial of a juvenile to be held in camera.


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