CHIEF Musarurwa of Chivhu has blocked villagers from naming a road in rural Hokonya area after former First Lady Grace Mugabe, arguing that proper procedures were not followed.

The villagers had resolved on their own to honour Grace by naming a seven-kilometre gravel road which leads to her family’s homestead in Ndwere village off the Chivhu-Murambinda Road, as Grace Way.

But Chief Musarurwa (Enos Masakwa) said if the villagers wanted to name the road, there were certain procedures which had to be followed and processed through Cabinet.

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“There is no such road named Grace Way in Chivhu. As far as I know, no Cabinet sat and resolved to name it that way. Do not mislead citizens by issuing out names that are not approved by the government,” he said.

A villager, Andrew Mazhawidza, said: “The road was named after Grace by villagers some two decades ago when she got married to the now late former President Robert Mugabe. It was a prestigious marriage in this community, hence the road to her homestead became very popular.”

The road passes through Madondo Primary School, a few metres from the Marufu homestead as it proceeds to St Francis of Assisi High School, where Grace was a patron during the time she was First Lady. Apart from the gravel road which villagers had named in her honour, no other institution or place has been named after the once powerful Grace in her rural home.

— NewsDay


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