MANY people go for the killer instinct when they see bees in their homes and spray them to death.

But according to sangoma Nzama Maluleke, when you kill bees you actually kill your luck.

This week, the digital sangoma talks about bees.

“A week will not pass after the bees were there without something good happening to someone in your home.

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He said the bees won’t sting.

“It will only sting when you hit it. Leave the bee alone. That’s my advice.”

He said even in your dreams bees usually won’t sting,

But if they do you must see a traditional healer as soon as you can.

It makes him happy when a bee comes into his house, especially into his indumba.

“I know that the next person who comes for consultation will be assisted, no matter what the problem is.”

He sometimes keeps honey in his indumba and in summer he opens the bottle.

“The bees come in to eat the honey,” he said.

“They leave after about three days. I use it on my clients. It’s strong muthi!”

He said as a sangoma, he had to have a good connection with the ancestors.

“They show you things. Sometimes in your sleep, but also in broad daylight through visions,” he said.

“These are things that can make a huge difference in people’s lives.”-Daily Sun


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