AS hatred for foreign nationals in South Africa continues to grow unabetted, more and more people are showing great contempt for fellow Africans by claiming to #PutSouthAfricansFirst.

Most Zimbabweans working in South Africa are subject to untold abuse and this is fast becoming a bother.

In a Tweet that has sparked outrage, a South African woman named Shokwakhe said she refused to be served by a Zimbabwean waitress at a Wimpy restaurant, her crime, being Zimbabwean.

Today I had breakfast at Wimpy Clearwater Mall a waiter by the name of Nomatter from Zimbabwe came to serve us at our table. I politely told her that I want to be served by a South African. Normalize refusing to be served by aliens #PutSouthAfricansFirst

This ended up in an all out war with people arguing such behaviour is unjust and fair.

A Zimbabwean named @mmatigari responded;

An idiot goes to a foreign owned restaurant chain to spend South African rands and complains about being served by a foreigner? Why didn’t you go to spend at a South African owned restaurant? Your brain is on the wrong side.

Another pointed out how South Africans came to Zimbabwe for education during apatheid;

Ignorance on rampage!!!

Did you skip Mfecane in history?

The Ndebeles in SA & Zimbabwe including that Nomatter if he/she’s Ndebele are SA by descent.

South Africans flocked to Zim for Bulawayo’s education during apartheid.

Most were smuggled in so they can pay home fees.

More people felt disappointed by the woman’s ignorance and hatred.



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