During a press conference in Harare last week, Zanu PF spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa made sensational claims that the opposition will not rule this country because according to him, the opposition undermines the gains that came through the liberation struggle, The Daily News reports.

Addressing the media, a tough-talking Chinamasa said:

Zimbabwe is a liberated country. It did not come through democracy, there was no vote to say Zimbabwe
now wants to become independent.

It was fought for. Those who oppose its liberation should never dream of ruling this country, those who oppose the independence of this country and those who oppose the land redistribution program should never dream of ruling this country with their masters. Those who oppose the redistribution of the land… have no right to rule this country because by opposing it, they became sell-outs.

Right now, they talk about human rights. During the colonial period, there were no human rights to talk about. “The colonial masters only started to talk about human rights, democracy in 1980 when they were handing overpower. Right now, they are talking about freedom of expression.

That is a digression, it’s important, but it’s a digression. The important narrative is how Zimbabweans get empowered until you do that, you spend the next 200 years exercising freedom of expression without eating. Those who go to America to ask for sanctions have no right to rule this country.

Zanu Pf Political commissar Victor Matemadanda said something similar to what Chinamasa said in 2018 when he said elections will never remove Zanu PF from power because he said if they don’t work Zanu PF will use other means.

Chinamasa in July at a press conference attacked the American ambassador and called him a thug right before he threatened to expel him from Zimbabwe. During the same month, he also urged Zanu PF supporters to defend themselves from people who were planning to protest the government’s maladministration and corruption.-Pindula News


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