In a bizarre twist of things, a woman storms a wedding ceremony just moments before the “I Do’s” surprising guests, groom and the bride.

The incident which allegedly took place in Zambia has gone viral after a video surfaced online.

The woman, with a baby strapped on her back, confronts her husband who looks so ashamed.

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An angry mother repeatedly asks why the husband chose to do this while leaving her and other children.

She is heard asking for her children to come forward as she stands her ground.

The groom is visibly shaken and looks sideways avoiding confrontation while the bride remains mum.

“This wedding can’t go on, this man here is my husband, this is our child”, she declares while some try to restrain her.

“What is it? You people, this man is my husband. We haven’t divorced, we haven’t separated… I came here with my children… My children can you come here”, the dram goes on as people remain aloof.

Below is the drama;



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