A 31-year-old man was attacked while having lunch at his farmhouse in Vandermerwesdam, Free State, on Monday.

The incident occurred around midday, said police spokesperson Brig Motantsi Makhele.

The man, identified as Andries Smith Myburgh, told officials that he smelled smoke outside his home. When he went outside to investigate, he was attacked.

“He went to investigate and was hit with an object on the head but managed to push the suspect away. He was allegedly attacked with a knife by a second suspect, and in the process he had petrol poured on him.

“The victim managed to pull out his firearm and the suspects fled. He fired a number of shots in their direction and, while firing, realised that he was on fire. He jumped into the swimming pool,” said Makhele.

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The two suspects fled on foot as Myburgh alerted police and neighbours.

“One suspect was identified as being about 2m tall, wearing green overall trousers and a light blue shirt. The other one had a blue overall suit. Both suspects are unknown to the complainant.

“The complainant was attended by medical personnel but had no serious injuries,” added Makhele.



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