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Man bitten by ‘invisible juju ants’ after ‘stealing’ cell phone {watch}

A man appeals for help as ‘invisible’ juju ants attack him after stealing a Samsung J7 phone in Harare CBD.

They appeared on Radio Star FM to narrate their ordeal possibly with an intention to find the owner of the phone for restitution since he has already sold it.

The man claims he can see and hear a “huge man” and big ants surrounding him asking him to return the stolen phone.

Scratching all over, the man has visibly damaged skin as he struggles to sit still. When he attempts to describe his ordeal the biting gets worse.

“Alright I will keep quite… we are here to give you your money”, he says in pain.

His pain as he describes it is worse than death.

“Ndiuraye kwacho”, he cries out as the pain gets worse.

The Star FM radio presenter is openly shaken as he witnesses the visible injuries on the young man.

Such is the predicament he is in, even after consulting mapositori, they could not help him since it requires the owner of the juju to be present.

Below is the full video:

The bizarre incident happened some time ago but shows the extremes of juju and how much people can do to harm thieves.

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