Lockdown hardships contributed to Lady Squanda resorting to criminal activities, Secretary fo Information Nick Mangwana has suggested.

Since the beginning of covid-19 imposed lockdown, Zimbabwean artists’ revenues have been significantly affected as some did not have alternative streams of income to help them get by.

The now frail looking Lady Squanda was arrested Tuesday together with four suspected robbers in connection with a robbery case in Zengeza.

Born Sandra Gazi, the chanter is said to have surrendered herself to police yesterday after she fled from her house where suspected robbers had taken refuge on Monday night.

Posting on social media, Nick Mangwana said;

The lockdown saved lives. The downside is a serious adverse effect on the economy. Musicians and artistes are some of the most affected, because their revenue stream from shows & gigs dried up. Lady Squanda was arrested for armed robbery involving US$20, mobile phone and laptop.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest saying part of the stolen items were recovered at Lady Squanda’s house.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating a robbery case involving four men and a woman which took place in Zengeza on Monday night,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi.

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“The five are Denzel Chiwenga, Rodrick Gwasira believed to be an ex-police officer, Zacharia Magaya, Sandra Gazi and Tichaona Chitova suspected to have robbed US$20, a cellphone and a laptop belonging to the complainant.

“Circumstances were that on the 12th of October 2020 the accused persons spotted a motorist driving a Toyota Wish without registration plates.

“When the motorist stopped to pick two passengers, Gwasira sprayed the complainant with pepper spray and took the cellphone, US$20 and laptop.

“Within some minutes Magaya arrived driving a Honda Fit registration (AEI 3552) with Gazi and Chitova and started assaulting the complainant.

“The complainant lodged a police report against them and a follow up was made and the suspects were found at Gazi’s house.”

Lockdown restrictions have, however, since been lifted with bars now operating albeit some illegally.


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