A video making rounds on social media show the death of Mr Kituka Ivan at the hands of gunmen sent to kill him for sleeping with a man’s wife.

According to the woman’s husband, Ivan Kituka, who is a senior branch manager at ‘Housing Finance Bank’ in Kampala Uganda, has been having an affair with his wife,Dorothy Nametubi Sozzi, for a very long time but he failed to heed to warnings.

Mr Sozzi, in a letter wrote to the late Ivan, warned him of his bad behaviour. He accused mr Ivan Kituka of dominating, abusing and intimidating his wife just because he was his supervisor. Mr Sozzi swore to shoot Mr Ivan in his head at the slightest opportunity he will get him for ruining his marriage.

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Prior to the hit, he sent him two letters which contained all his grievances promising to shoot Ivan in the head who disregarded the warning for the umpteenth time only to sleep with the man’s wife. He was caught red-handed with her in bed by the gunmen who shot him several times in the head.

“Enough is enough, I have a budget on you, to have you learn to respect other peoples families. Two bullets in your head and chest is my bottomline and no turning back” Mr Sozzi’s letter read. Mr Sozzi further informed Ivan that he had already hired his ‘boys’ for the work.

Mrs. Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi

Mr. Kituka Ivan
Due to the graphic nature of the video, Harare Live cannot post it here.

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