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Did You Know? Uncle Sechaba from the River is a real life prophet plus more

Facts You Never Knew About Uncle Sechaba From The River

Sello Maake ka-Ncube plays the role of Uncle Sechaba on The River and known as a Prophet in real life, is probably one of the most famous actors in South Africa.


Sello has been around for quite some time, and he is celebrated for making characters seem real as he has a way of bringing them alive.

He made his name and remembered for playing the role of Mr.Lucas Daniel Nyathi in the famous soapie Scandal.

Here are the real-life facts you didn’t know about Sello Maake ka-Ncube

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As an actor, there is so much he has achieved throughout his career. However, there is a lot more about the actor. The following are interesting details and facts about Sello you would be interested in knowing.

Facts You Never Knew About Uncle Sechaba From The River

Uncle Sechaba From The River is a Prophet; Real Life Facts You Never Knew About Him.


Early Life 

Sello Maake was born in 1960 in Orlando, South Africa. He later moved to Atteridgeville, Pretoria.  He loved watching movies and perhaps, that’s where the inspiration comes from. In fact, he says he loved Gibson Kanteso much, especially his movie How Long. The man started acting at the age of 15, in 1975.


Sello Maake ka-Ncube is a Prophet and Preacher

Apart from stage life, Sello Maake ka-Ncube is a Preacher and Prophet at the Amazing Christ-Centered Church who preaches occasionally due to his demanding acting career.

Sello Is A Father of Five With Different Mothers

Facts You Never Knew About Uncle Sechaba From The River

The seasoned actor has always been protective of his privacy, particularly when it comes to the matter of his children, he constantly refuses to either mention them or have their pictures taken. The River star actor has always said that he loves being a dad despite losing his eldest son in a fatal accident.  The remaining five are Neo Tsagae, Lerato, Lindo, Onkgopotse, and Akhona.

He Is Among The Highest  Paid Actors

Sello is one of the few South African actors who take home a paycheck of between R110 000 and 120 000 per month. However, the star actor also makes a fortune from forex trading.

He Went On Hunger Strike to Protest SABC’s Decision To Cut Local Content

Facts You Never Knew About Uncle Sechaba From The River

Back then in 2012, Sello took a swipe at the ANC government saying he believed the South African culture was better protected during the apartheid days. He blamed the government for allowing SABC to cut coverage of local content on television and radio stations. He became the first actor to join the Television Industry Emergency Coalition in a 30 days hunger striker against the SABC’s decision to reduce local content being aired.

Ka-Ncube Was Involved In R4 million Feud With Ex-Lover

In 2013 the star actor was involved in a legal battle with Thandi Ngcobo, his ex-lover over R4 million which they had received from a South African Lottery Thrust Fund.  The money was received whilst the two were still together. Ka-Ncube filled a high court order to make sure that the funds were not used at any given point. Ngcobo challenged the ruling and the two were in nasty legal battles.

Sello Was Once Fired From Generations And Later Recalled After Ratings Dropped

Sello Ka-Ncube

The star actor knows his craft well. Ka-Ncube is quite popular in South Africa no doubt about that,  for this reason, he rarely misses out on big-screen productions. He played a major role in Generations which remains one of the longest-running and followed Tv drama series in South Africa. He later joined a number of Tv series including Scandal. In Generations, he played the role of a rich businessman named Archie Moroka. In 1997, Ka- Ncube was forced to quit the show after payment wrangles with the management.

Following his withdrawal, Generations ratings dropped significantly, forcing his reintroduction. His role in the soapie was killed in 2002  after which Ka-Ncube decided to pursue his career abroad.-Savannah


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