Tragedy struck early Sunday morning when a kombi carrying passengers burst a tree and veered off the road killing four.

The incident happened at Ealing Farm in Mvurwi and police are still investigating.

Giving little details, ZBC online said;

4 people died this Sunday morning when a Nissan Caravan kombi veered off the road and overturned after a tyre burst at Ealing Farm in Mvurwi. Police said investigations into tragic incident underway

Meanwhile, a woman died last Thursday after a motorist ignored traffic lights resulting in a four-car collision at corner Bishop Gaul and Kirkman road in Harare.

Police say a woman driving a Honda Fit died on the spot.

Police in Harare are investigating a fatal road traffic accident which occurred on 15/10/20, around 1210 hours at corner Bishop Gaul and Kirkman Road. A motorist went through a red robot resulting in the collision of four vehicles.

A female adult driving a Honda Fit died on the spot while four passengers and two drivers from the other vehicles were injured.

-Harare Live



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