Home Local “Dai vangotipa musoro wemwana taviga”: Murehwa boy’s father laments {Watch}

“Dai vangotipa musoro wemwana taviga”: Murehwa boy’s father laments {Watch}

Tapiwa Makore's mother and father
Tapiwa Makore's mother and father

As days go by with police yet to find the head of murdered Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore (7), his father is anxious for investigations to conclude for him to find rest.

Body parts are taken in a ritual murder which occurred at Makore Village under Chief Mangwende, would have to be processed in particular ways, the superstitious belief, so that they bring good fortune and riches.

Local traditional leader Chief Mangwende recently said he would not allow the minor’s body to be buried with the head missing.

Speaking to ZBC, Tapiwa’s father Munyaradzi Makore said he is worried by the delays to find the missing head.

“The people who killed my child are there, if only they could give us his head so that we bury my son and find closure.”, Tapiwa’s father laments.

The domestic worker who butchered the boy with help from Tapiwa’s uncle admits to having given the head to a certain traditional healer (tsikamutanda) who has since been picked up by police.

Although the police did not disclose the name of the traditional healer, they confirmed he was being questioned.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police have established that they had been given a lot of misleading information on the death of the boy and people were hiding crucial information.

“We have realized that some people are not telling the truth and they are hiding crucial information. But we will surely get to the bottom of the matter and the truth will come out,” said Asst-Comm Nyathi.

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