Samantha Musa more popularly known as MisRed has taken to social media to share a few unpopular choice words for her fellow countryman based on their lack of patriotic virtue. In a video recorded on her Instagram live, she lambasted fellow Zimbos and challenged their true love for the troubled nation.

“Nyika yenyu hamusikuida”, said MisRed
(Translated to “you clearly don’t love your country right now!”)

MisRed came under fire not too long ago for some equally politically leaning statements during an interview on Ugandan Radio show when asked to comment on the plights of her people during the Zimbabwean Lives Matter protests.

In this current video, the beauty outrightly declaring her intent to not shy away from political leaning arguments even though in recent times she had been pressured apologize for her utterances.

“You have everything bad to say about this country so what are you fighting for? …When you value something in your heart, you’ll fight tooth and nail to save it.”

She continued to challenge in the one-hour-long Live.

Throughout the live, MisRed drew inspiration from the Nigerian End SARS protests highlighting the undying patriotism that come from our Naija brothers seemed to surpass that of everyday Zimbabweans who she claimed were bad ambassadors.

“Nigeria, Africa has problems guys, the situation in Nigeria, they have corruption too and many problems but you could never confidently utter bad words about their country in a Nigerian’s presence”, she ranted.

This all continues the theme of a few of her tweets and radio interviews which are in line with the notion that Zimbabweans lack national pride.

MisRed adamantly expressed that since we love our country we should fight for it and went as far as to ask if Zimbabweans would ever take to the streets if it ever came to it.

A lot of mixed sentiments had been generated by her words. A lot of Zimbabwean’s have even said MisRed should keep quiet about anything politics related for a while.

Talk about, hectic!

You can watch an excerpt of the Live below.



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