Langutani Rikhotso is now a motivational speaker and a writer. .

SHE lived through a tough ordeal when she was r_ped in 2016 at the age of 16.

Now at 19, Langutani Rikhotso from Alexandra in Joburg has found the courage to speak up about her ordeal.

She said some perpetrators went unpunished as the victims were scared to speak up.

Langutani who was raped when she was 16. Today she motivates others.Photo supplied
Langutani who was r_ped when she was 16. Today she motivates others.Photo supplied

She told Daily Sun she was with her then-boyfriend when the incident happened.

She said they were then taken to a nearby trench and she was taken to an isolated area. “The other accomplice remained with my boyfriend. The man ordered me to undress and said: ‘if you want to come out alive, you must give me a leg’. I asked him to explain that to me and he swore at me.

“The man then penetrated me without a c0ndom and I was scared he’d impr_gnate or infect me with HIV,” she said.

She said the man took her phone when he was done and asked if she had p0rn on her phone or data so he could download it.

“We then returned to where my boyfriend was with the other guy and there was a bag full of dangerous weapons. I begged the thugs not to kill us,” she said.

She said the men ordered Langutani and her boyfriend to p0ke while they watched.

“Luckily, he faked it. I think they wanted to eliminate evidence. They then left us in that trench before telling us to go home.”

Langutani believes she is still alive by the grace of God.

She is now enrolled to study social work at Unisa so she could help victims of abuse and r_pe.

She is also a motivational speaker and writes short stories and poems.

She has written over 35 poems and one of them was featured in the National Library of South Africa Book of 2019.


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