A Mvuma woman was shamed for dumping her newly born baby.

The woman, identified as Senzeni, had community members baying for her blood over the incident.

The newborn was found in a decomposed state by the roadside and dogs where sniffing around the place.

Witnesses almost beat up the woman and it only took the intervention of police to escape a hiding.

The woman

“She will not go to heaven because of her acts.

“Look at her, how can she do this to the innocent child.

“The dogs were milling around the place as they wanted to devour the body.”

Another witness said:

“Hold your child, who do you want to do that for you; we will beat you up.

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“Dogs were almost eating the body,” said another witness.

The woman looked visibly frightened.

“She is afraid, and she can’t even touch the corpse.

“So why did she commit the crime; let her rot in jail,” added another witness.-H Metro


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