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“My son’s death will forever haunt me”: Cal_Vin’s mum

Sinikiwe Luphahla, mother of late musician, Cal Vin (real name Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo) is considering moving out of her Luveve 5 home in Bulawayo following a road accident that killed him.
Cal Vin died on Sunday after a hit and run accident a few metres away from their house. The road where he was run over is the one his mother uses on her way to work every day.

When Chronicle Showbiz spoke to her on Tuesday afternoon, she seemed to have come to terms with her son’s death as she looked strong and spoke highly of him, but said their house and spot where he was run over were traumatising her.

“My son’s death will forever haunt me. I don’t know what to do. I’m hurt and devastated. Passing by that spot where he died will be a painful thing. I don’t think I can live in this house anymore. I have a house in Cowdray Park, and I think I’ll go there,” said Luphahla.

“I always think that he will show up one day. Or he’ll come through the gate at night to sleep in his room. Or he will come and speak to me, and joke around like he did. This house has so many memories of Cal Vin, I can’t live here anymore.”

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With time though, she said she would heal. Luphahla described her son as a fun-loving and jovial person.

“He was always in a good mood, joking with everyone including me. I remember last week, with this John Vul’gate frenzy, he was like ‘Masalu, Masalu, Vuligate’. I said to him get away and laughed. I didn’t know what he was talking about and then he put the clip online.”

She said Cal Vin always loved music from his days at Mafakela High School. “Cal Vin started doing music when he was in high school. He was a very bright student who got good grades. When he was in high school, he started doing music and his results started dropping. I asked him why and later found out that he was into music.

“He told me point blank that he wanted to do music,” said Luphahla. When Cal Vin set up his studio at their home years back, Luphahla said it was turned into an arts hub as the house was overrun with young artistes flocking to record their works. She said she was against this but later realised this is what kept Cal Vin going and gave him her blessings and support.

“The house was always filled with different people recording in the studio. Some of them used to sleep here and when I’d wake up, I’d find them sleeping on the couches in the living room. At first, I was against this but gradually, I got to accept that this was part of him,” said Luphahla.

She said her son, who at one point clashed with Skyz Metro FM after calling out the radio station, always stood for what he felt was right.

“During the time he had a misunderstanding with Skyz Metro FM, he was like ‘I don’t care if they don’t play my music as I’m still making money with the recordings in the studio’. It was surprising that all those personalities at the radio station who would come to be with him before that misunderstanding suddenly didn’t come anymore.

“But look, they resolved their issue and all is and was forgiven,” she said. Luphahla thanked all who have supported her and her family during this time saying they have soothed her heart. Chronicle