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‘I tried killing myself three times and failed’

“I’M lonely and no woman wants me,” said toothless Ntuthuko Zuma, who once believed life wasn’t worth living.

The first time Ntuthuko (38) from Pietermaritzburg, KZN Midlands, tried to kill himself was in 2013.

He was rushed to hospital after drinking a cleaning chemical.

He tried to hang himself in 2016, but his friend Zama Ndlovu walked in and saved him. In 2018, he tried to hang himself again, but was saved by neighbour, Zweli Ndima.

“I’d spoken to Zweli about my problem. I told him I was useless and my life didn’t mean anything,” he said.

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After the conversation, Zweli followed Ntuthuko home.

Said Zweli: “I kicked open the door and he was about to hang himself.”

“They’re painful and fall out. I’m only left with a few teeth and lock myself in the house.”
Ntuthuko has since made contact with Ungazibulali Awareness Campaign support group and no longer wants to take his own life.

He told Daily Sun: “I now see the light. The group motivated and encouraged me to be a better version of myself.

“They told me killing myself was no way out. They said God had a purpose for me, and I’d be running away from it if I killed myself.

“My teeth are rotten and my breath smells horrible. People laugh at me when I open my mouth.

“They’re painful and fall out. I’m only left with a few teeth and lock myself in the house.”

Ntuthuko is struggling to find a job.

“People don’t like me because of my bad teeth.

“I look for retail jobs because I have experience. But such jobs deal with people and customers don’t like to be helped by me.”

He was fired from a store in 2013 after customers complained. Luckily, Ungazibulali Awareness Campaign arranged that a doctor help him.

“The doctor promised I’d be normal in no time. I’m grateful to group founder, Nkululeko Khanyi.

“I wish for people to stop treating others badly because of their condition. Let’s have ubuntu.”

Nkululeko confirmed Ntuthuko tried to commit suicide thrice, but was saved

“I thank a dentist from Durban who heard our cries. He promised to help Ntuthuko,”said Nkululeko.

Gospel singer Hlengiwe Mhlaba is part of the campaign.-Daily Sun