In an unprecedented move seen on social media as detachement from his long associated political oriantation, Zimbabwe’s largest musican Jah Prayzah has taken a swipe at Zanu PF thereby surprising many.

He implies Zanu PF forces artists to perform at galas against their will.

This is after he posted a viral clip where Souljah Love was embarrassed at a Zanu PF rally during Mugabe’s time. Jah Prayzah posted.

Kkkkk apa unenge wabva kunzi mfana ukasauya kuzoridza kuno haufe wakaridza muZimbabwe futi wobva wasvikako wonzi hausi chinhu

One Twitter user responded,

This tweet is loaded! Those who rush to crucify artists at “galas” may be ignorant of the behind the scene shenanigans by those organising political galas and related gatherings where artists perform. Artists will one day pour their hearts out when the fear is gone!!!

Another explained how they viewed the Tweet,

ummmh guys musashore maZim artist ,they are captured these guys hanzi unonzi haufe wakaridza futi muno and they have families to look after..ndaakunzwisisa now ,pliz forgive jah prayzer

Jah Prayzah who was conspicous by his absense at the recently held anti-sanctions gala could well have been refering to himself. Perhaps he declined to perform at the gala and given similar threats for non compliance.

Mukudzeyi has often been associated with President Emmerson Mnangagwa as his songs like Mudhara Achauya, Kutonga Kwaro and others are played at Zanu PF functions.

It remains to be seen if for real he has severed his ties with mudhara Ngwena.

Recently he was put under fire for failing to condemn ‘human rights abuses’ on social media with some elements even boycotting his nomination for the prestigious 2020 African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA).

Twitter users poured mud on Jah Prayzah’s excitement by de-campaigning him, accusing him of snubbing the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign.

To show their dismay, fans showed screenshots of them voting for Nigerian Burna Boy whom they say was more concerned about the lives of Zimbabwean than Jah Prayzah.

When Zimbabweans needed your influence you were not there to back us up #ZLM. The govt will vote for you. I’m going to the website n I’m voting for another artist.

— McLean MUSSA MBEWE (@McLanMussa) October 8, 2020
The reason why all Zimbabweans are going to vote for
— THE DOMINATOR (@Perfectheart95) October 8, 2020
After the flopped intended July 31 protest, Zimbabweans took their complaints to social media where the hashtag #ZimbabweanLivesMatter trended.

The protest against bad governance, corruption, police and army brutality was joined and hyped up by African celebrities such as DJ Tira, Burna Boy, AKA, J Something, Ghananian rapper AY Poyoo, Beanie Man, Morgan Heritage and many.

Zimbabweans insisted that Jah Prayzah and Winky D who are crowd pullers should have joined the campaign to show solidarity with Zimbabweans and their fans but the two didn’t do so.-Harare Live


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